Zonka Bar Bust: Arizona's Anti-Pot Zealots Throw Medical-Marijuana Entrepreneurs in Jail

Chris Martin had an idea for a business in Arizona, where voters passed a law that legalizes medical-marijuana "edibles" under certain conditions.

Last year, the Zonka Bar was born: available in flavors including chocolate and sugar-free peanut butter, and infused with marijuana extract. Like other edibles, it was perfect for a medical-marijuana patient who didn't want to smoke. Assuming it wasn't adulterated with anything but marijuana, the Zonka Bar was less harmful than a four-pack of wine coolers.

But Martin and his associates didn't follow all of the rules under the 2010 law, authorities say.

Had they contracted with a so-far-nonexistent state-authorized dispensary to distribute the Zonka Bars, their actions would have been legal.

Instead, these entrepreneurs are facing multiple felony charges and the possiblity of years in prison.

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