You can count the number of Valley residents who have made a major splash in country music on one hand, even if that hand has lost a finger in a farm equipment mishap. There's Glendale's Marty Robbins, he of the famous gunfighter ballads, the awesome 'stache, and the part-time gig as a middling NASCAR driver. Then we have Phoenix native Miriam Johnson, better known as Jessi Colter, the only woman in the '70s outlaw country boys club of Waylon, Willie, and Tompall Glaser, and the woman who tamed Waylon's wild ways, married him, and bore him a son, country/rock singer Shooter Jennings. There's Phoenix native Dierks Bentley, whose rockin' country stands out like a rhinestone Stetson among Nashville's current crop of bland... More >>>