Valley singer-songwriter Stephen Steinbrink wears many caps. Not just in the obvious sense — though Steinbrink is rarely seen without his trademark trucker cap or feathered Peter-Pan style headgear — but in the sense that though many Phoenix artists are content to sit around bitching about the state of the scene, Steinbrink seems consumed at all times with creating. In addition to a remarkable deluge of EPs, tapes, LPs, and split releases under his name and the band name French Quarter, he is a prolific cartoonist, blogger, and amateur filmmaker. He makes his living on the road, crisscrossing America, hawking his wares at all-ages venues, house shows, and art galleries. His work has caught the attention of independent tastemakers at Web sites like Coke Machine Glow and Tiny Mix Tapes. Perhaps his biggest coup was seeing... More >>>