All Leather is piercing, menacing, and in your face. Envelope-pushing rocker Justin Pearson of The Locust teams up with Nathan Joyner from Some Girls and Jung Sing of the Mexican laser-punk band Maniqui Lazer, to produce the loud, chaotic dance party that recently signed to Dim Mak Records. The California band is a new format for Pearson, whose spazzy, almost-shock-rock group The Locust garnered attention with abrasive tunes and flashy attitude. All Leather, on the other hand, is a band that brings you fist-pumping, heart-racing concoctions of lethal aggression. With songs like "I Don't Hate Fags, God Does," you get the idea that this trio does not mess around. All Leather unleashes a virtual blitzkrieg of obscenities and vulgar images tucked under a blanket of thrashing electro post-punk. With their intense and forceful agenda, their music differs from the aimless music stuff dance-punk kids slam to. Comparable to The Chinese Stars and Black Eyes, All Leather smacks you around and leaves you asking for more. And they don't seem to give a rat's ass about whom or what they offend. If you thought the Halloween haunts were over for the season, check out All Leather and prepare to crawl... More >>>