Unless you’re talking about the Biltmore and Esplanade areas, Phoenix has this reputation of being the pits for more upscale nightlife. Though it’s true that places like downtown like it rough and raw, the distinction is totally bogus. Just check out spots like The Vig, located catawampus to the Arcadia district. The inside bar area is all modern and sleek and there’s a way awesome living room-like outside patio, where the Mix-Week Mix goes down. The weekly Wednesday event is perfect for those looking for a night out that’s not a dive-bar debacle or a bank-breaking affair. So grab a fancy wine or an export draft, some unbeatable grub like the VigAzz Burger (peppered bacon, smoked gouda, and arugula), and treat yourself all nice and stuff while various emcees spin chill-out... More >>>