You know how death-metal dudes like to growl in their songs — raspy and guttural, like they're passing broken earthenware through their belly buttons — and then alternate those sounds with clean, pitchy vocals? Raspy, soft, raspy, soft. Well, Fear Factory frontman Burton C. Bell was one of the first death-metal dudes to sing like that — though with a name like Burton C. Bell, he sounds more like the inventor of the transatlantic cable than the inventor of the "death growl." Entering their 20th year of existence (minus those few months in 2002 when they disbanded briefly to evict original guitarist Dino Cazares), the four-strong Ozzfest regulars have had all the ups and downs you might expect from a two-decade slog through the trenches. They hit a high point commercially in 1999 with their... More >>>