"Hum to me baby," croons Glory Revival singer/guitarist Paul Lamb from the stage of Nita's Hideaway as the spry seven-piece band slides down into a Sly Stoneish passage. The horn's brassy meter and the seemingly looped groove of the rhythm section has female hips rotating in slow, deliberate gestures on the dance floor. Men look on, gaping slack-jawed as if witnessing a strip show. It's a moment of rock 'n' roll affirmation that's rare for a local band. Lanky, scraggle-haired, and wearing a workaday jeans/tee-shirt ensemble, Lamb seems an unlikely front man. But he has that charisma, like the stoner dude in high school that all the chicks dug. His voice commands attention, too, ranging in thick, melodious low tones and airy top notes. With eyes closed, one would assume Lamb's voice belongs to a much... More >>>