Chris Hillman knew Gram Parsons perhaps better than anyone, or at least as well as anyone could know a wealthy young man dedicated to living fast, loving hard, dying young, and leaving a beautiful memory. It was Hillman who brought Parsons into the Byrds in 1968; and it was Hillman who walked away from the Byrds a while later to form the Flying Burrito Brothers with the man he believed to be his kindred spirit, someone with whom he shared a passion for ancient country reveries. Parsons and Hillman lived together in Los Angeles' Valley, wrote together, drank together, listened together -- and, yes, invented together, helping to create that bastard stew called "country-rock," though Parsons himself always despised the term, wanting to vomit at its mere mention. "Country-rock plastic dry-fuck," he once wrote in a letter to a friend. "Excuse the... More >>>