For most people, music is a very personal matter. Songs, albums and artists carry a significant and significantly different meaning for each of us. That's especially true with music critics. While we do get to reveal a little bit about our passions and taste through our writing, polls like annual Top 10 lists are often impersonal barometers that don't give an accurate portrait of the men and women whose work you see in the pages of this section. That's why we've decided to reveal a little more of ourselves and sate your ravenous appetite for year-end lists (or beginning, as it were) with this, our Top 10 Personal Obsessions list. You'll find that some of us are online record-buying junkies, others use CDs as a means of fear management, while some specialize in collecting stuff that most rational thinking humans would probably pass on. In any case, the next few pages should allow you frightening glimpses deep into our souls and... More >>>