Women have a lot of advantages over men. They live longer, they can use both sides of their brains at once, and they can sound delicate when singing rock songs. (No, this is not a treatise on "Women in Rock.") Male singer-songwriters who aim for fragility inevitably end up sounding wimpy, like James Taylor -- Nick Drake and Elliott Smith being the exceptions. Leona Naess rarely sounds frail on her debut; she knows how to work an emotive vulnerability and tenderness into the mix without it coming off as weakness. Her strong voice is a malleable instrument, never losing its distinctiveness, regardless of the variety of sonic settings it occupies on the dozen tracks here. Comatised takes on added depth when Naess (pronounced "Ness") opens her emotions and faults up for inspection. Sounding more mature than her 24 years, she does occasionally lapse into the pitfall of navel-gazing, but for the most part, Naess' multifaceted approach results in a complex and thoroughly... More >>>