The Arizona Roadhouse Brewery, situated prominently at the corner of Apache and Terrace in Tempe, is an aesthetically pleasing and fairly sophisticated brew pub -- copper tanks staring conspicuously out of the glassed façade, an oak bar with brass railing, expensive cigars resting enticingly in a bar-top humidor, award-winning beer on tap. Certainly not the type of joint where one would expect to find Arizona's new-school hip-hop community convening weekly. But appearances are deceiving, and on Tuesday nights, the Arizona Roadhouse is transformed from a normally placid, somewhat yuppified environ into the latest epicenter for a new generation of burgeoning Valley hip-hop artists.In January, the bar known for its Tempe rock acts and staid open-mike nights introduced turntablists into the mix. To amplify its already popular "1-2 Punch" discount drink night, owner Shawn Kelly and sound engineer Devin Kelley conspired to initiate an entirely new facet of the Roadhouse's entertainment agenda. Two relatively unknown DJs -- Stefascope and My Friend Andy -- were recruited to put a new spin on the... More >>>