Steely Dan no longer exists. Forget about the name, despite what you read in this paper's music listings; since when did "in print" mean "the truth," anyway? Walter Becker and Donald Fagen are sick to death of the name -- ah, if only they had gone with one of their original choices, among them Virginia Mastic Wiener Whistle, The Don't Fucks, Penis Whip, The Pewterberg Faction, and just "The" -- and besides, it don't mean much anymore. So, lest they be left behind by time and technology, Becker and Fagen propose a new moniker better suited to these glory days of record company-Internet service provider mergers. They now wish to be called, simply, "The Content Partners," which, as they describe it on the quite official Steely Dan Web site, is "fresh . . . edgy . . . and absolutely guaranteed to make the New Paradigm bigwigs . . . stand up and take notice of who we are and what we are about and where we want... More >>>