Downtown L.A. during the Democratic National Convention has the eerie, abandoned feel of a circus after the tents have been collapsed. Standing in the shadow of the Staples Center, Stew and girlfriend Heidi Rodewald -- bandmates in the Negro Problem -- are checking out the activist pageant. Trudging along for three uneventful miles, they learn that a recent police tussle is responsible for the steamy, dead-zone vibe. As heavy-lidded activists slump next to hundreds of white crosses commemorating Mexico-U.S. border deaths, two redheads stride by wearing "Lick Bush and Dick" tee shirts. A fan of Stew's recognizes him and joins the sightseeing march, pointing out that a bald man and very un-L.A.-looking brunette on the sidewalk are married politicos James Carville and Mary Matalin. Finally, mild-mannered and vociferously unathletic Stew is fed up: "Fuck politics," he huffs.... More >>>