Given the intense fetishism we Americans apply to the early '90s grunge era, it's nothing short of stupefying that the hard-rock subgenre's punk/noize forebears have all but vanished in terms of systematic overhauls and resurrections of the once-significant back catalogues. Sonic Youth and the Birthday Party come to mind among the few whose discographies are readily accessible; when's the last time you even heard someone mention the band Union Carbide Productions? So here's your chance to be reintroduced to Australia's Scientists, a quartet that seemingly came from out of the sky (Perth, on the western edge of the Oz continent, to be exact) and, following a dalliance with rough 'n' ready psychedelic pop, transmogrified by 1982 into one of the most evil, most fetid band of avant-punks ever, equal parts Captain Beefheart, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Stooges and Creedence Clearwater Revival, not to mention heirs to the aural terrorism tradition forged by fellow Aussie Nick Cave and his band, the... More >>>