With feet nimbly perched in rootsy alt-country, luminous pop and never-say-die '70s guitar rock, Denton, Texas, quartet 12LB. Test makes a memorable debut that does the region's roots scene proud. Naturally, reference points do pop up, and the group clearly has the cruise control on its Econoline aimed at Austin (these days, Denton is better known for space heads than twang rockers). But the familiar moments are the friendly handshake-and-a-beer variety, not the we've-heard-this-crap-before type. No doubt the pedigree of 12LB. Test's founder, Michael Hill, has a lot to do with that; a veteran of Slobberbone (a fine Lone Star outfit with a reputation for classy rowdiness), he's blessed with a passionate alto whine, a deeply sincere delivery, and a welcome penchant for grabbing lead guitarist Jake Williams and embarking on some tasty twin guitar tangents that help set the group... More >>>