Reaching the top isn't nearly as hard as staying there — a fact to which the Bone Thugs crew can attest. The quintet's blend of gangsta rigor and R&B smooth revolutionized the rap landscape when they emerged in the mid-'90s. The rhymes were hard and quick, and they twisted and twirled with impressive vocal finesse around club-ready grooves, proving both street and pop. But their friendship wasn't as tight as their estimable harmonies, and the group fractured under competing egos and agendas. They fought with their label and each other, producing a steady stream of mediocrity — whether solo or in tandem — that teased but rarely fulfilled their promise. In 2000, Flesh-n-Bone was incarcerated, and two years later, the increasingly erratic Bizzy Bone departed. The three remaining members — Krayzie, Layzie, and Wish Bone — forged a... More >>>