There's a chapter missing from America's musical subconscious because we never embraced the Walker Brothers beyond a pair of brilliant ballads. That group's enormous teenybopper following in Europe made it possible for Scott Walker to release a spate of eccentric No. 1 solo albums in the late '60s, none of which made so much as a ripple on this side of the pond. Cousteau's debut is like finding a Walker album with all the eccentricities wrung out, the kind of record you can play at a dinner party without fear of someone being offended by Jacques Brel ballads about sailors who contract gonorrhea on shore leave. Cousteau lead singer Liam McKahey has his Walker baritone down cold -- listen to "The Last Good Day of the Year," which completes the impersonation with Bacharach horns, chick-chick "Walk On By" rhythm guitar and the timpani pounding behind him. Somewhere in his reclusive London apartment, you can imagine Walker scratching his head trying to... More >>>