Perhaps no Sub Pop signing in recent years has undergone a diamond-in-the-rough maturation process as memorable and rewarding as Seattle's Murder City Devils. Over the course of three long-players, the six-piece (originally a quintet) indulged amped-up Stones-styled R&B, classic mid-'70s proto-punk, metallic-fringed biker rock and full-blown horror-shockadelica -- frequently, all at once. In short, a band that can be all things to all people (at least people who care about their underground sounds) without coming across as dilettantes or panderers. News of their impending demise, then, seems all the more disconcerting. According to the grapevine, keyboardist Leslie Hardy, having sustained some wrist-related injuries recently, finds it necessary to step down. But apparently her presence will be more than missed since the band has decided to call it quits, too. Her entry into the lineup on last... More >>>