Tom Petty's as pissed as a millionaire gets, meaning you'd best take this, ahem, concept album about rock 'n' roll corruption with a grain of salt the size of Mike Campbell's hair. What happens when this album, financed by a multinational, gets airplay? Will it be considered victory or surrender, ironic or just inevitable? Because what you'll find here is hardly an act of insurrection, the clarion call of the revolutionary out to gut the mutts on his way to storm the castle; let's talk when he starts paying for the sessions out of his own back pocket, when he starts funding his own tours and returning his own phone calls instead of using the outside PR man as a shield. Besides, strip off the words and you're left with TP and the HB tried and true and then some -- the same ol' same ol' from a man and a band who confuse "new" with "most recent." You own this record and have since, oh, 1986. Still, better populist rock than... More >>>