Aderelict-looking Toucan Sam clutches a wad of money in one wing, a paper-bag-wrapped liquor bottle in the other. Behind him Cap'n Crunch and Lucky the Leprechaun (of Lucky Charms fame) are in a purple convertible lowrider; Crunch is riding shotgun, firing a semi-automatic handgun at a Keebler elf and that two-faced Shredded Wheat character. The blast has knocked the Keebler elf backward through the plate-glass window of a sex shop that advertises 25-cent peep shows. In a dark alley around the corner, Snap, Crackle and Pop are mugging a teary Pillsbury Doughboy. BuzzBee (the spokesinsect for Honey Nut Cheerios) lies prone in the street. A fey Tony the Tiger (shirt jauntily tied at the bottom, baring his chest and neckerchief) is watching it all unfold next to a bald, effeminate guy friend in a tight,... More >>>