From the department of "You can't teach epic,' it's either bestowed on you or it ain't": In a single five-song EP, TV on the Radio has set up camp to scale an art-rock Everest whose previous existence no one but Björk fanatics noticed. Well, this expedition's from Brooklyn circa now and more embedded in the Rock, so somebody might now. It's got chutzpah, a media-saturated name mockingly staring down the neighborhood's "the" epidemic, and music seemingly too passionate for the fashion-show circuit (you can't watch radio waves). So arguing whether the world needs Nü New York's take on the beats and prog-rock of post-Underworld sad sacks like Mount Florida is beyond the point. In the Big Apple's mostly myopic, '80s remix revival, even the good ones are kinda guilty, a provincial footnote of nouveau... More >>>