Damian Cunningham has the face of an angel -- calm and cool blue eyes perched above freckled cheeks and a benevolent grin -- which is only appropriate for a 7-year-old boy who speaks with the late, great saints, among them Peter, Joseph, Claire, and, of course, Francis of Assisi. Damian sees dead people, all right, but they come not to taunt or haunt the lad, who's already been through enough with the recent death of his beloved mum. Instead, they wander the Manchester, England, countryside to grab a smoke, tell a joke, and advise young Damian (played by newcomer Alex Etel) what to do with the pounds of pounds that have quite literally landed on top of his head. Either he can squander his newfound bag of money, as his older brother Anthony (Lewis McGibbon) would prefer, or he can donate it to the penniless. For Damian, there is no choice at all: The loot, which crashed to Earth from the sky above, or from a train speeding by on nearby tracks, should be passed out to those in need --... More >>>