Just when you think you've seen everything Phoenix has to offer, someone drives you down to the warehouse district and walks you through a towering maze of boxes stuffed with papier-mâché teapots, tiny plastic feet, and soaring stacks of grosgrain. And there, deep in the swamp-cooled bowels of Diane Ribbon and Notions, something in you -- something you've been trying to repress, or maybe that you didn't even know you had in you -- begins to stir. Your inner crafter is awakening and, like some scary movie monster, is about to burst into being and overtake your life. Soon, you'll be buying sacks of bugle beads and "Sad Hobo" heads and something called Mod Podge, and from way in the background, perhaps behind a big box of glitter paint, will come the sound of Diane Rust's... More >>>