It's a close race at breakneck speed, but Wolfmother's escalation in popularity appears to be outpacing the growth of the trio's wild, untamed Afros by just a hair. Since the band's self-titled debut full-length only came out this week, it would be easy to mistake kudos for the Sydney, Australia, threesome as mere hot air from the hype machine, but no -- this is rock solid. Preceding the stateside buzz that's been swirling around Wolfmother -- thanks to an EP full of thunderous, early-'70s-flavored riffs and some impossibly packed shows at South by Southwest -- is grade-A certified double-platinum status across the Pacific, back on the band's home turf. Blame it on a perfect storm of vintage sounds: beefy, MC5-gone-evil chords; trippy organ interludes pointing to prog rock and Ray Manzarek; and acid-fantasy lyrics about unicorns, witchcraft, and purple haze. And who knows -- maybe the band inhaled some historic dust while rehearsing last year at Hollywood's Cherokee studio, where... More >>>