Every college has its super-seniors: those students whose post-secondary studies exceed the bounds of the classic four-year plan. For some, the designation comes from partying too hard. For others, it's a result of pursuing their varied interests, credits toward a major be damned. For The Necronauts, super-seniors of the Valley's music scene, it's a little bit of both, but with laudable results. Their portfolio includes songs ranging from catchy, funk-tinged grooves to heavier, grunge-inflected rock, and from spacey melodic excursions to crunchy punk-dirtied tunes. After 10 years and a few lineup tweaks — the brotherly core of Billy Goodson on vocals/guitar and Dale Goodson on drums is joined by Christopher Warmth on bass — the band has built an impeccable rep locally. That is to say you're guaranteed an explosive ruckus. Four... More >>>