Ten years ago, architect Neil Kilby fell in love with Ro Ho En, the Japanese Friendship Garden in downtown Phoenix. He began volunteering as a gardener, and when Ro Ho En expanded to include a lush stroll garden and koi pond, the city tapped Kilby's professional expertise as well. After the project was completed, he remained a familiar fixture there, often devoting six days a week to pruning trees and growing plants. Kilby also coordinated the Saturday morning gardening volunteers, who gravitated toward his sense of humor and enthusiasm for teaching. Kilby was 60 when he passed away on August 14, and an outdoor memorial service was held several days later at Ro Ho En, where friends and family gathered to share memories and observe an honorary tea ceremony, conducted as the pond reflected a rose-colored sunset. Just two weeks earlier, Kilby had been delighted to chat about... More >>>