Listen up, P-Town peeps. When it comes to holidays, Halloween is the shizzle. What other day on the calendar allows you to transform yourself into a pimp, priest, or politician without getting glares from onlookers? Back during your juvie delinquent days, you spent most of the year agonizing over which costume was gonna impress your friends and score you the most candy. Now it's no different, especially since hundreds of hip and hot Halloween events will go down around town from Thursday, October 26, through Tuesday, October 31, and we've got the lowdown on the best. Make sure you're sporting a fly disguise, since literally thousands of dollars in cash and prizes can be won at fetes throughout the Phoenix area. Whether you're a hip-hop hustla looking for off-the-chain parties, a pierced punk princess with a taste for PBRs, or anyone else in between, we've got the score on joints the other local rags don't know about. Check our listings and plan out how you'll celebrate Allhallows Even in style, unless you'd rather spend the next 364 days... More >>>