Believe it or not, music made by Omaha rap/reggae/surf rockers 311 has been blaring from skate shops and pizza delivery vehicles for 20 years now. With a new album due for summer release, the guys are taking their show on the road for a spring tour. It's just a warm-up for a band. They're worth seeing, too. S.A. Martinez manages to rap with his whole body while Nick Hexum practically rocks his clothes off. P-Nut and Tim Mahoney have such fast fingers — on bass and guitar, respectively — that they could play the whole show with their eyes closed if they wanted to, all while drummer Chad Sexton holds it down like you wouldn't believe. Their energetic live shows also include a bit where all five members participate in an impressively coordinated drum line. Is their band name really a code for the KKK? Ask someone at your local retailer of snowboards and baggy pants. But as long as you're down for a concert where guys outnumber chicks 10 to 1, you're in for one... More >>>