Autumn's Victorian rock operas offer surprisingly poppy burlesque-glam — imagine a coned-tit-era Madonna gone goth. Rasputina and Dresden Dolls are obvious touchstones, sharing similar predilections for moody theatricalism, classical music, and Kurt Weill. A violin prodigy, Autumn attended the Music Conservatory at Indiana University when she was 14. She wouldn't bend to classical music conformity or for major-label star makers. Instead, the L.A. teen went it alone in the late '90s and slowly built her career. "I was in the mindset to make the music I want to make, look the way I want, and be a fucking individual," Autumn says. Afflicted with bipolar disorder, Autumn had a breakdown after returning from a 2004 tour backing Courtney Love. She attempted suicide and ended up committed. The horrific ordeal would inspire... More >>>