Hipster dance nights have a shelf life, burning brightly before flaming out into obscurity and leaving only hazy memories of drunken exploits, goofy photographs, and tales of hedonistic bliss. Party Foul was no exception, as the weekly electro affair at the old Homme Lounge earned a serious and scandalous reputation as it drew in the hepcat crowd with promises of drinking and decadence every Friday night until its demise in 2009. Though bygone dance nights like Hot Pink! and Shake! paved the way for hipster dance nights in the Valley, Party Foul built a reputation and identity all its own with residents like Craig Citizen and Kevin M.O.B. and spinning genres — including party rock hits, club bangers, and B'more — that weren't heard at other nightspots. It also welcomed in big-name DJs from L.A. and N.Y.C. for guest appearances, including a performance by electronica whiz kid Sonny Moore years before he started calling himself Skrillex. This weekend, Citizen and company will relive these... More >>>