My girlfriend and I took a drive up the 60 past Globe to the gorgeous Salt River Canyon. You should go! It's scenic! Along the way is a weird little decrepit thing called Seneca, Arizona. It once was supposed to be a resort run by the San Carlos Apaches, but loans were defaulted on in the '70s and things now are pretty rough. The few remaining buildings are trashed, burned out, and littered with broken glass, balloons, an inexplicable amount of plastic picnic knives, and one eternal word, scrawled in graffiti above a crumbling fireplace: "Juggalo." Because of course it was. The acolytes of the Insane Clown Posse are a fun-loving bunch, contemptuous of social niceties (and, apparently, intact panes of glass). They revel in spelunking life's dark side, as horrorcore... More >>>