Suckers is one of those Brooklyn bands that claims an isolated sound yet, in reality, sounds a lot like other Brooklyn bands (e.g., MGMT, CocoRosie) that make similar claims. Says vocalist Austin Fisher: "Even if we think we're doing a song that sounds like another song, we turn away from that." But, he admits, "I think it's kind of impossible to totally avoid [similarities], but we've always been concerned with being original and accessible at the same time. It's a continual struggle to find your own voice." Suckers' musical menagerie features '70s anthemic rock drumming, synth-y dance pop, gritty-to-jangly guitars, and ranging vocal harmonies — just not on every song, of course. "There isn't a foundation we build on — we all just start together," Fisher says. "Oh, the drum machine happened to be sitting next to somebody while we improvised? Well, that led to something else. We... More >>>