Locating the root of singer/guitarist Matt Costa's passion for folk music means returning to the scene of a most gruesome injury. At age 18, the Orange County-bred Costa was a skateboarder on the verge of going pro. Then, during one skating session, he botched the landing of a staircase jump, leaving him with a rolled ankle and bone jutting out of skin. In one go, both his leg and hopes of skating professionally were shattered. He quickly underwent emergency surgery to repair the severely fragmented bone, but he had lots of trauma left to endure. During his initial hospital stay, he shared a room with a patient who unexpectedly died. After using morphine to cope with the pain, he experienced withdrawal when trying to give it up. He spent six months in a cast thinking things were better until he felt a sharp pain in his leg — a signal that doctors needed to slice him open again to insert a plate, adding six more... More >>>