Listen, man, guys don't like talking with other hombres about emotions and feelings and self-doubt and all that. I read about it in a men's magazine, in an article written by a male human solely for dude perusal, all right? J Mascis and Lou Barlow, the two songwriters behind legendary indie rock band Dinosaur Jr., broke up in 1989 after years of passive aggressive headbutting, with Mascis forging ahead in Dino for three more records while Barlow performed as Sebadoh and trashed his former bandmate onstage. Thankfully, there was a happy third act. Apparently, all it took to get Dino back together was Mascis' showing up to Sebadoh gigs, where Barlow eventually realized things were cool between them. No big. Since then, the band's stellar post-reunion output, most... More >>>