In the hype and haze between the viral success of ASAP Rocky's song "Purple Swag" and the release of his first mixtape, much of the Internet's gaze was directed squarely at the flamboyant, charismatic young Harlemite. Yet, when Rocky's "Live.Love.ASAP" mixtape was released, part of the limelight had shifted. Rocky continued to soar artistically, and his popularity started to boil over into the mainstream to the point where he was collaborating with Rihanna and appearing on TV, but the launch of his first mixtape showed there were others worth watching who used the "ASAP" prefix in their names. The most prominent of them all was ASAP Mob crewmember and fellow New Yorker ASAP Ferg, whose slinky, sinewy ode to codeine and promethazine on "Kissin' Pink" was one of the most ear-catching bits... More >>>