Cancer, to paraphrase renowned rhyme-slinger Sadat X, is like the darkest of dark days. Sadly, far too many artists and performers connected with the Valley's music scene have had dark days of their own this past year as they fought for their lives against cancer, including Blunt Club collaborator Jules Demetrius and DJ Squalor of Sadisco*. Rob Kwik, the laid-back local breakbeat DJ and co-founder of the Dirt Assasinz Collective, also renewed his own war against the disease this year. In June, the 31-year-old learned that the rare soft-tissue cancer leiomyosarcoma, with which he originally was diagnosed in 2008 and believed was in full remission after treatment, had returned with a vengeance. Like many, he's without a lick of insurance and is attempting to raise enough cash to pay for chemotherapy and other treatments via a few upcoming benefits,... More >>>