Buckle your safety belts, because you're about to trip through a time warp. We're setting the Wayback Machine to a quarter-century ago — 1989, to be exact — when a small radio station called KUKQ was the blasting out alternative, underground, and indie rock tunes over Valley airwaves via 1060 AM. The station was a landmark not only because it was the only source for said tunes in the Valley, but because it was influential, to boot. At the controls were now-legendary DJs Jonathan L., Mary "The Bone Mama" McCann, and Leah Miller. "Everything we were playing was groundbreaking in that era. Nobody else was playing those sorts of things," says Miller, who worked at the station until 1993. "You name the band and we played it. The core artists at the time were Depeche Mode and The Cure, and we were also playing local music like The Sidewinders, the Meat Puppets, and Gin Blossoms. Everybody got their first play in Phoenix on KUKQ at that time." Miller, along with KUKQ super-fan Jim Ballard, will bring the spirit of the early years of the now-defunct AM station — which went off the airwaves in 1995 — back to... More >>>