What is it with European DJ/producers and masks? Though the phenomenon of donning bizarre facial disguises while performing isn't securely limited to beat-jugglers from said continent (Deadmau5 and Bl3nd being prime exceptions), there's been an inordinate amount of masked mixmasters from across the pond over the past decade. Like the helmet robots of Daft Punk, for instance, as well as Norway's Savant, Italian twosome Bloody Beetroots, Belgium's Dr. Lectroluv, and U.K.-based EDM artist SBTRKT. And then there's the DJs From Mars, who don't hail from the red planet (as their moniker suggests), but rather from Turin, Italy. Whenever the duo of Max Aqualuce and Luca Ventafunk play out, they typically wear box-like headgear resembling emoticons while behind the mixer. Though such adornments might seem strange in everyday life, both the DJs From Mars and their masks will fit in nicely within the madcap milieu of... More >>>