If the term “butt-shake” isn’t part of your musical vernacular, you had better get hip ASAP and have a listen to Phoenix’s own Acapulco-Five-O. Inspired by ’50s and ’60s spy music, go-go, Latin exotica, and, of course, butt-shake, Acapulco-Five-O was designed to infect the masses with the rockin’ pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu. The band describes its essence as, “If James Brown was born in the barrios of Mexico City and wore a Mexican wrestling mask instead of a velvet cape.” Marco Polo (of Curse of the Pink Hearse notoriety) is the mastermind behind this project. Having finally perfected the lineup with other seasoned musicians -- including former Flathead bassist Ruth Wilson, and Maricopa County Prison Band’s Mike Wolfe and Bob Taylor -- Polo considers A-5-0 to be his “dream band.” In the midst of recording their first full-length album, it’s only a matter of time before the hep cats and kittens of Acapulco-Five-O take the AZ music scene by storm. These rockers don’t play live too often, so don’t miss your chance to shake your butt to the sound of the vintage... More >>>