Jerry Riopelle is an old-school cat, which means that the singer/songwriter's been making records longer than almost anybody else in the Valley. As a staff writer and producer for Phil Spector's Philles Records in Los Angeles, Riopelle wrote his first top 20 hit ("Home of the Brave," recorded by Bonnie & The Treasures) in 1965. To put that into perspective, Alice Cooper — considered by many to be the old man of rock in Phoenix — was 17 years old at the time. In the ensuing 42 years, Riopelle's released a slew of Americana-flavored rock records (starting on the Capitol label in the '70s); had his songs covered by the likes of Meatloaf, Leon Russell, Kenny Loggins, and Herb Alpert; and continues to throw an annual New Year's Eve show in Phoenix. This year's show marks the 32nd engagement, and Riopelle's boosting it with several new tricks. We caught up with Riopelle to get the scoop on the show, his new anthology, and his... More >>>