Few American cities have suffered a corporate dicking as thoroughly as Phoenix, what with every one of its stadiums bearing names like U.S. Airways Center, Chase Field, Wells Fargo Arena, Jobing.com Arena, and, though a little outside city limits, our personal favorite, Tim's Toyota Center. It seems sports teams are willing to pimp their reputation out to anybody for a buck, and now this country's rock stars are lining up to show they're just as big whores, in case you thought any differently. It all started when Vans created the Warped Tour, but now every company in America with a little pluck thinks it can sponsor its own concert series. Here in Phoenix alone, we've got the Jägermeister Music Tour coming up, with the Vans Warped Tour in June and the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival and the Hot Topic Presents "Summer Slaughter Tour." All of this corporate prostitution of artistic promiscuity got us thinking about what other sponsors and tours we wouldn't want to buy tickets to, which is how we wound... More >>>