Phoenix New Times' Street Team
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  • Alexandra Dennis

    Portsmouth, Virginia

    Netflix, Going to Music Festivals, Road Trip Adventures

    Sublime, Taking Back Sunday

    The Office cast (as the Office characters)

  • Andrew Magana

    Globe, Arizona

    Soccer, Running, Piano, Swimming

    Coldplay, Gary Clark Jr, Led Zeppelin


  • Ashleigh Volz

    Orange, CA

    Gym, Anything Music related, Traveling

    Anything Country, Taylor Swift, and Fall out Boy

    Cast of Entourage

  • Cienna Fernandez

    Tempe, AZ

    Reading, Writing, & Graphic Design

    Cage the Elephant

    My mom, because she always pays for me !

  • Cody Lee

    Palo Verdes, California

    Drumming, Mountain Climbing, Paintball, Hiking, Going to Concerts

    The Eagles

    Richard Van Halen

  • Danielle Retana

    Temecula, California

    Traveling, Being outdoors, Netflixing

    Drake, Sublime, Maroon 5

    Adam Levine

  • Gabriel Bennett

    Phoenix, AZ

    Video games, Music, Movies, Writing, and Drawing

    Here's a few, AJJ, Reel Big Fish, Childish Gambino, Gorillaz

    I'd love to have dinner with the entire cast of the musical Hamilton.

  • Grayson Kelly

    Phoenix, AZ

    Writing, Comedy, Traveling, Reading, Politics, Campaigning with Democratic Party of AZ


    Hillary Clinton

  • Guy Stephens

    Hermiston, OR

    Golf, Video games, Music Festivals, Hover boarding

    Will Sparks, Bob Dylan

    Abe Lincoln

  • Jessalynn Marie Berchin

    Gilbert, AZ

    Yoga, Cooking, Reading, Hiking, Working out, Naps

    Lana Del Rey

    Vlad the Impaler

  • Jonathan Rivera

    Los Angeles, California

    Playing Soccer, Rock Climbing, Hiking


    Steve Jobs

  • Jorge Mariscal Valle

    Nogales, Sonora. Mexico

    Photography and Video

    Hang out with my friends, take photos, shot videos, and meet people

    Alfred Hitchcock

  • Kaytlynn Roan

    Fort Defiance, AZ

    Attending shows, Hiking, and Searching for new music

    Lunatics on Pogo sticks, Hockey Dad, and the Front Bottoms

    Ira Hayes or Jim Thrope

  • Luke Yaegar

    Ham Lake, Minnesota

    Golf, Videography, Traveleing

    Garth Brooks

    Myself at age 85 or Alice Eve

  • Megan McNeill

    Norwalk, CT

    Photography, Art, Hiking, Snowboarding, Traveling

    Def Tones

    Robert Frank

  • Michael Torres

    Phoenix, AZ

    Drawing, Hiking, Chillen

    Florence and The Machine, Sia

    Sia, because she has a beautiful attitude and is very optimistic!

  • Michelle Simmons

    Portland, Oregon

    Music, Cats, Volleyball

    Creedence Clearwater Revival & 21 Pilots

    John Wayne, because I used to think we were married.

  • Olivia (LIv) Grabowski

    Columbia, South Carolina

    Playing guitar, Engraving, Getting to know new people, Starting/producing radio shows

    Black Keys, Beth Hart, Any and all blues, jazz, and classic rock

    Janis Joplin

  • Summer Perez

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Playing Guitar, Attending local music shows, writing

    The Distillers

    Frank Zappa or Weird Al Yankovic. An exotic oddball, topics would never be dull!

  • Taylor Couty

    Scottsdale, AZ

    Reading, Writing, Taking Photographs, and Playing the Piano

    CHVRCHES & Savior Adore

    Billy Joel or Anna Wintour


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