Phoenix New Times' Street Team
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  • Alexandra Dennis

    Portsmouth, Virginia

    Netflix, Going to Music Festivals, Road Trip Adventures

    Sublime, Taking Back Sunday

    The Office cast (as the Office characters)

  • Allie Davis

    Castro Valley, CA

    Softball, Going to Shows, Trying new restaurants

    Bob Marley, Chainsmokers

    Bob Marley

  • Andrew Magana

    Globe, Arizona

    Soccer, Running, Piano, Swimming

    Coldplay, Gary Clark Jr, Led Zeppelin


  • Billy-Edward Villa

    Phoenix, AZ

    Movies, Netflix, Hiking, & Coffee Shops

    Ariana Grande, Kehlani, Jon Bellion

    Ariana Grande, Duh!

  • Brian Murillo-Munoz

    Chandler, AZ

    Painting, Drawing, Eating (big foodie!)

    Beyoncé, Coldplay, Pretty much all music


  • Cienna Fernandez

    Tempe, AZ

    Reading, Writing, & Graphic Design

    Cage the Elephant

    My mom, because she always pays for me !

  • Cody Lee

    Palo Verdes, California

    Drumming, Mountain Climbing, Paintball, Hiking, Going to Concerts

    The Eagles

    Richard Van Halen

  • Daryan Hugg

    Albuquerque, NM

    Yoga and hanging out with friends. Relaxing by the pool is one of the best ways to spend the day.


    Michael Phelps, because swimming has always been a huge part of my life and he has so many accomplishments.

  • Emily Houck

    Turin, New York

    Makeup tutorials, Newtflix, Concerts

    Thomas Rhett, Matchbox 20, Mayday Parade, and Maren Morris

    Zayn Malik

  • Gabriel Bennett

    Phoenix, AZ

    Video games, Music, Movies, Writing, and Drawing

    Here's a few, AJJ, Reel Big Fish, Childish Gambino, Gorillaz

    I'd love to have dinner with the entire cast of the musical Hamilton.

  • Grayson Kelly

    Phoenix, AZ

    Writing, Comedy, Traveling, Reading, Politics, Campaigning with Democratic Party of AZ


    Hillary Clinton

  • Jenna Adamson

    Fairfax, Virginia

    Hiking, Eating, Hanging out with my cat

    Drake, The Weekend, Luke Bryan

    Bret Michaels

  • Jonathan Rivera

    Los Angeles, California

    Playing Soccer, Rock Climbing, Hiking


    Steve Jobs

  • Jorge Mariscal Valle

    Nogales, Sonora. Mexico

    Photography and Video

    Hang out with my friends, take photos, shot videos, and meet people

    Alfred Hitchcock

  • K. Short

    Maryvale, AZ

    Photography, Hosting Local events, Videography, Youtube

    Justin Timberlake

    Oprah Winfrey

  • Kaytlynn Roan

    Fort Defiance, AZ

    Attending shows, Hiking, and Searching for new music

    Lunatics on Pogo sticks, Hockey Dad, and the Front Bottoms

    Ira Hayes or Jim Thrope

  • Madeline Phillips

    Ahwatukee, AZ

    Collect Records, write Poetry/Journal, travel, and go to festivals

    Depends on the genre: Led Zeppelin, The Police, The Eagles, Cage the Elephant, Blackbear, Sam Hunt, etc!

    Kurt Cobain. I think it would be interesting to find out the truth behind the whole Courtney Love scandal.

  • Megan McNeill

    Norwalk, CT

    Photography, Art, Hiking, Snowboarding, Traveling

    Def Tones

    Robert Frank

  • Michael Torres

    Phoenix, AZ

    Drawing, Hiking, Chillen

    Florence and The Machine, Sia

    Sia, because she has a beautiful attitude and is very optimistic!

  • Michelle Simmons

    Portland, Oregon

    Music, Cats, Volleyball

    Creedence Clearwater Revival & 21 Pilots

    John Wayne, because I used to think we were married.

  • Olivia (LIv) Grabowski

    Columbia, South Carolina

    Playing guitar, Engraving, Getting to know new people, Starting/producing radio shows

    Black Keys, Beth Hart, Any and all blues, jazz, and classic rock

    Janis Joplin

  • Summer Perez

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Playing Guitar, Attending local music shows, writing

    The Distillers

    Frank Zappa or Weird Al Yankovic. An exotic oddball, topics would never be dull!

  • Taylor Couty

    Scottsdale, AZ

    Reading, Writing, Taking Photographs, and Playing the Piano

    CHVRCHES & Savior Adore

    Billy Joel or Anna Wintour


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