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    April 25, 2014

    The Dandy Warhols: Twenty Years of Urban Bohemia

    Dandys rule, okay? They have never not ruled, they still rule, and I suspect they always will. Turning 20 years old, Portland's premier rock band, the Dandy Warhols, can claim one of its generation's most eccentric careers, making the quartet one of the last great rock 'n' roll acts in existence. Y ... More >>

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    April 24, 2014
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    March 11, 2013

    Top Five-Must See Shows in Phoenix This Week

    Holy crap! What a weekend. We had the soggy-but-stellar Carnaval Eléctrico with Cold War Kids, Hanni El Khatib, Mergence, and more at Crescent Ballroom, the raucous Rampage Fest with Nü Sensae, White Lung, Allah-Las, and more at Sail Inn, and a thoroughly enjoyable-but-exhausting performance by Ma ... More >>

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    February 11, 2013

    Saint Maybe: Psychedelic Patti Smith and Bob Dylan Compatriots Hit the Highway

    When writing about Things As They Are, the debut LP by Tucson psychedelic outfit Saint Maybe, for my 10 Best Things I Heard in 2012 column, I noted the album's sprawling, wide-open desert quality: "[It] sounds like the space between Phoenix and the Old Pueblo. It feels like a late night drive, the r ... More >>

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    December 6, 2012

    The 10 Most WTF Moments of 2012

    Election years tend to carry more chaos then normal ones, but there was something else going on in 2012. Maybe it's the aura of apocalypse made people a little stranger this year. We had the Syrian Civil War, the Aurora Shooting, Israel being dicks to Gaza and vice versa, Mitt Romney was treated l ... More >>

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    October 4, 2012

    Top 5 Contemporary Blues Rock Bands That Don't Totally Suck

    Our sister blog, West Coast Sound, has caught a lot of shit lately for their disdain for neo-blues rockers The Black Keys. Just remember we're only critics, and opinions are just opinions. Nicholas Pell even offered up some alternative blues bands for you to dig. The problem is, as commenter AlexNic ... More >>

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    August 2, 2012

    Pop Isn't Dead: Here's Seven New Songs That Prove It

    If you've ever felt like all music on the radio is the same, you're not alone. Your grandmother felt the same way once. It's an old complaint that has always bugged me, because sure, the latest Rhianna single is a pile of dogshit, but I hate blanketing all music with this strain of despair. There ... More >>

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    May 21, 2012

    The Dandy Warhols, Roxy Lounge, 5/20/12

    The Dandy Warhols The Roxy Lounge Sunday, May 20, 2012 You'd be hard-pressed to find a band as crowd-pleasing as The Dandy Warhols. Last night, the Portland-based quartet covered all their bases, unwinding into shoegaze drifts of fuzz that sent out waves of psychedelic charms, balanced out by catch ... More >>

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    May 2, 2012

    Brian Jonestown Massacre at Crescent Ballroom, 5/1/12

    Brian Jonestown Massacre Crescent Ballroom Tuesday, May 1, 2012 See also: Tripping with the Brian Jonestown Massacre I have a serious question for diehard Brian Jonestown Massacre fans: Is frontman Anton Newcombe a perfectionist or just an asshole? I'm no BJM scholar -- I haven't seen DIG!, the do ... More >>

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    January 26, 2012

    Incoming (Again): Odd Future, Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Brian Jonestown Massacre

    Brian Jonestown Massacre ​Hey, I know we already did an Incoming Concerts post this week, but I'm getting drowned in show announcements here at UOTS HQ. So let's dive in: The rap collective Odd Future head back to Marquee Theatre on Friday, March 9. Will the crew sell the joint out again? Wi ... More >>

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    September 14, 2006
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    June 9, 2005

    DiG! (DVD)

    (Umvd/Visual Entertainment)

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    December 30, 2004

    Fahrenheit 2004

    Remembering the movies that heated up cinemas this year

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    September 9, 1999

    Out of Their Heads

    Anton Newcombe, leader of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, is terrifically obsessive -- and potentially dangerous