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    June 8, 2009

    Hairforce at Upper Deck Sports Grill: Move Over Metalhead, Hairforce Wants a Piece of the Money-Making Pie

    Kelly WilsonBobby Scott and G-String give love a bad name rockin' out to a Bon Jovi track. Metalhead must be pissed. There's another hair metal cover band in town and they have G-String, the group's old guitarist who was the most charismatic member of the group. First, let me say I love Metalhead. ... More >>

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    June 5, 2009

    Hairforce Debuts at Upper Deck Sports Grill Saturday With a Slew of Popular Local Musicians

    Watch out Metalhead, there's a new hair metal cover band in town and they have your old guitarist... Whether they steal a piece of your thunder remains to be seen.Hairforce is a hair metal super group featuring some of Phoenix's best musicians including G-String, the former guitarist for Metalhead ... More >>

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    December 22, 2008

    Violet Wild at Last Exit

    It's nearly 1 a.m. and I'm a few drinks into the night. I'm at Tempe's Last Exit Bar & Grill to watch Violet Wild, one of my favorite local pop-rock bands who used to play anywhere and everywhere a year ago and pretty much whored themselves out in the local music scene - playing gigs almost ever ... More >>

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    September 22, 2005

    Let Go

    Let Go
    (The Militia Group)

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    November 4, 2004

    Massive Stars

    See a Valley "supergroup"

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    October 24, 2002

    Big Deal

    The Format burst from nascent Valley obscurity to major-label glory. Here's how.

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    May 10, 2001

    Comp Runamok

    A spate of new various-artist releases forces us to ponder the question 'Who Put the Comp?'

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    April 19, 2001

    Group Efforts

    Make-ups, breakups and other local band gossip abound

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    March 23, 2000


    Rock 'n' roll rousers the Van Buren Wheels roll to success at SXSW

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    February 24, 2000

    End of the Road

    For Jesus Chrysler Supercar and Windigo, breaking up is hard to do -- unless you're partying with the Me So Horny girls

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    February 10, 2000

    Credible Excuses

    Bright days ahead for Mark Norman and Ghetto Cowgirl

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    January 27, 2000

    Heartbreak Kids

    That's not despair in the air, it's Pollen

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    September 2, 1999

    Desert Sons

    Shoeless Joe makes twangy art out of broken dreams

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    September 18, 1997

    Resident Aliens

    Steeltown transplants of Pollen learn to love the desert and stop hating girls