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    July 31, 2014

    Kim Shattuck on How Getting Fired By The Pixies Named Her Album

    The Muffs (Kim Shattuck, Ronnie Barnett and Roy McDonald) have been writing and performing spirited, clever and fierce pop-punk tunes since they formed in the very early 1990s. Their first full-length release in 10 years, Whoop Dee Doo, hit the streets this week and both fans and critics are eating ... More >>

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    April 19, 2012
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    June 27, 2011

    Peter Case at The Rhythm Room, 6-26-11

    Maria Vassett​Peter CaseThe Rhythm RoomSunday, June 26As much as he's a songwriter, Peter Case is a storyteller. All throughout his solo acoustic set at The Rhythm Room last night, Case peppered the space between songs with stories from his rock 'n' roll past: Scoring free records from Elektra whe ... More >>

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    November 17, 2005

    Gimme Spoon

    Britt Daniel discusses the pride and pressure of rock stardom

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    October 9, 2003

    Adjusting to Format

    The Phoenix duo chronicles its scary serendipity on a sublime debut album

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    March 20, 2003

    Exploring Bob

    Bob Hoag may orbit the moon, but he may just launch your band into the stratosphere

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    February 20, 2003

    Against All Odds

    Two local promoters come together; Kazaa cooks up response to the majors

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    October 24, 2002

    Big Deal

    The Format burst from nascent Valley obscurity to major-label glory. Here's how.

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    August 30, 2001

    Stalk-Forrest Group, Blue Öyster Cult

    St.Ceilia: The Elektra Recordings (Rhino Handmade),Blue Öyster Cult Tranny and Mutation Secret Treaties Agents of Fortune (Columbia/Legacy), Curse of the Hidden Mirror (CMC International)

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    July 12, 2001

    Label Makers

    Reuben's Accomplice gets Better Looking; the Pistoleros flirt with Elektra

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    May 3, 2001

    Ride On

    With the release of their latest, the Old 97's put something good into the world

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    March 1, 2001

    Rhythm and Bruises

    Girls Can Tell that Spoon's Britt Daniel is an unlikely soul man

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    November 16, 2000

    Hanging On to Something

    Older, wiser Pistoleros are no longer defined by rock 'n' roll, but they're still committed to it

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    November 2, 2000


    In the Valley of Dying Stars (Arena Rock)

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    August 10, 2000

    The Content Partners

    Any major dude will tell you a Steely Dan story is not to be trusted

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    August 3, 2000

    A Well-Known Drag

    Pop purveyors Superdrag keep the fight for artistic freedom alive with In the Valley of Dying Stars

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    July 27, 2000

    Porn to sell

    Product placement comes to adult videos...hey, watch where you put that thing!

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    June 29, 2000

    Brothers Keeper

    The demonic duo of Dean and Gene Ween returns with a new studio album -- and a refined take on a twisted past

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    May 25, 2000
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    January 27, 2000

    Really Raw Power

    A new, exhaustive Rhino boxed set documents how Iggy and the Stooges created a new genre of music and a now-classic American rock album

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    September 16, 1999

    Giant Steps

    They Might Be Giants hope that the revolution will be downloaded

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    March 11, 1999

    Kramer vs. Kramer

    MC5 founder Wayne Kramer constantly competes with his revolutionary past and can still kick out the jams

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    February 25, 1999
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    January 7, 1999
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    December 17, 1998

    Too Live Crue

    Nikki Sixx sounds off on booze, dope and Kiss

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    November 12, 1998

    Reluctant Heroes

    Amid breakup rumors, Archers of Loaf gives indie rockers another fine record to chew on

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    June 25, 1998
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    June 18, 1998

    River of No Return

    Mason Jar makes tentative steps toward the new Millennium

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    May 7, 1998

    Headphone Revelations

    With its new album, Superdrag takes a trip into new sonic territory

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    April 9, 1998
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    October 16, 1997
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    July 31, 1997

    Miller's Crossing

    The Old 97's form from wreckage of musical mishaps

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    July 10, 1997
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    June 19, 1997
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    June 6, 1996

    Speed Racers

    Superdrag's out to fill you up with high-octane power pop

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    February 15, 1996

    Frank Talk

    The artist formerly known as Black Francis speaks out on UFOs, name changes and why the magic faded from the Pixies

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    May 6, 1992