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    July 2, 2014

    The Anatomy of Bob Marley's 'Legend' Album

    Look no further for proof of Bob Marley's legacy than the vast number of bands influenced by his work and the multitude of Marley posters that adorn dorm-room walls. More than 30 years after his death in 1981, Bob Marley and the Wailers touch people of all ages. Mostly because of the mind-boggling s ... More >>

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    January 28, 2014

    Foster the People Are Back, and You're Underrating Them

    My first taste of Foster the People was hearing KROQ's Locals Only playing "Pumped Up Kicks" in January 2011. My roommates and I sat in the back of my station wagon, waxing up surfboards and getting ready to paddle at El Porto in Manhattan Beach. I hadn't seen the music video, in which Foster and Co ... More >>

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    August 12, 2013

    Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

    It's not often that band names are as straightforward as "Masked Intruder." They wear masks, they claim to be interested in breaking into your house and stealing your VCR, the end. Something like "Earth Crisis"--you're left wondering what the crisis is, and why they're named after it. Of course, Ly ... More >>

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    July 29, 2013

    Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

    Without using a time-turner--and those things are dangerous--it's impossible to see every show in Phoenix every week. It's not even possible to see all five shows in this list. But I really don't think you should resort to time-travel. There'll be five more must-see shows this weekend, after all. ... More >>

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    June 18, 2013

    Six Potentially True Rumors I've Heard About Ke$ha

    I love Ke$ha. I'm not in love with her, per se, but sometimes I like to imagine that we go clubbing together and share laughs, and drinks, and the terrible secret of a brutal hit-and-run we've promised never to reveal. You know, the usual Friday night fare. What is it that I love about Ke$ha, exact ... More >>

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    March 15, 2013

    Top Five Must-See Shows in Phoenix This Weekend

    It's the weekend. Oh, yesh. We're pumped to bring your our Top Five Must-See Shows in Phoenix this Weekend. See also: -Eight Must-See Concerts Over St. Patrick's Weekend in Metro Phoenix

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    January 24, 2013
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    October 12, 2012

    We're Pretty Sure Muse Is the New Styx

    1999 was a weird year. That June, George W. Bush announced his candidacy for President, people were partying like it was the year in question, and a prevalent fear of the Y2K bug spread like Ebola fever. Muse also released their debut album, Showbiz, instantly drawing comparisons to their British co ... More >>

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    February 19, 2012

    The Darkness at Celebrity Theatre, 2/18/12

    The Darkness Celebrity Theatre Saturday, February 18, 2012 The Darkness is doing pretty well for a band that could be a considered a one-hit wonder. After a five-year hiatus and some rehab visits, the band is back in full force with its original lineup. See the full slideshow of The Darkness at Ce ... More >>

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    September 23, 2011

    Jeff Moriarty, What Are You Listening To?

    Devon Christopher AdamsJeff Moriarty​Jeff Moriarty Moriarty is the organizer of Ignite Phoenix. The next Ignite Phoenix is Friday, October 28 at the Virginia G. Piper Theater. When you put your key in the ignition and turn on the radio, what station would play right now? I haven't list ... More >>

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    May 13, 2011

    Manny and Lindsay Tripodis, What Are You Listening To?

    ​Manny & Lindsay Tripodis The co-owners of The Rogue Bar want you to come to the Prague CD release party this Saturday, May 14, with additional performances by Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Ladylike and Blue Skies. When you put your key in the ignition and turn on the radio, what station would pla ... More >>

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    October 25, 2010

    Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam on Twitter, Meat Loaf, and Musicians Becoming Mythical Creatures

    Smallz & RaskindMove over, Tiger. No matter what ancient Chinese wisemen say, 2010 is the year of the Fox. Or at least Fozy Shazam.  The theatrical rockers have definitely made a name for themselves in 2010. The band just began their highly-anticipated tour and has us excited for what they' ... More >>

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    December 3, 2009
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    December 1, 2009

    Joe Arpaio's Meet the Press Moment Interrupted to the Tune of Bohemian Rhapsody

    photo by Adriane Goetz Joe, showing a little leg...You cheeky devil, youSheriff Joe Arpaio's circus came to ASU's Cronkite School of Journalism Monday night, only to be cut short by the sounds of a pro-immigrant ditty, sung to the tune of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.The evening was filled with protest ... More >>

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    November 2, 2006

    My Chemical Romance

    The Black Parade

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    September 28, 2006

    Heaven Can Wait

    And Hell looks mighty familiar

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    July 6, 2006

    Fools Gold

    Page against the machine

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    July 7, 2005

    Thrill Ride

    The original man's band, refrocked

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    November 6, 2003

    The Darkness

    Permission to Land (Atlantic)

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    May 15, 2003

    REO Speedwagon, Journey, and Styx

    Welcome to the age of nostalgia

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    April 12, 2001

    Seven Year Itch

    The Toadies aren't licked despite a marathon wait for the release of their sophomore album

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    August 17, 2000

    Just the Old Dude

    A newly released two-CD anthology of Ian Hunter's solo recording only tells half of the rest of the story

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    May 25, 2000

    Hold On, I'm Cummings!

    Burton Cummings is either rock's most unsung hero or its most overlooked fugitive pervert

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    November 4, 1999

    Suck 'n' Cover

    New Times' critical vultures swoop down to pick at the latest carrion and dross

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    May 28, 1998

    Frankie With the Snarling Face

    What future is there for rock without the Chairman of the Board to kick it around?

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    December 29, 1994



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    May 4, 1994