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    April 4, 2014

    Licor 43 Is My New Fascination Behind the Bar

    I find trends in liquor to be both fascinating and puzzling. Lately, I'm left wondering how the hell marketing executives come up with ridiculous flavors of vodka. Nothing quite says "I'm using a fake ID" than trying to order a drink made with vodka that tastes like Froot Loops cereal. But through ... More >>

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    March 21, 2014

    How to Make a Twentieth Century Cocktail

    It's kind of fun looking through my bar books for some cocktailian inspiration. Quite a few of the recipes (especially the ones on the sticky pages, just like cookbooks) have memories attached to them, and good times are always involved. It beats the hell out of looking at now-questionable hairstyle ... More >>

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    March 14, 2014

    How to Make a Royal Hawaiian Cocktail

    It's certainly busy season around the restaurant. It's great to see endless streams of happy folks from out of town coming in to enjoy themselves. And the corresponding bump in my paycheck is pretty damn nice, too. But I can't help but feel a little envious. I've found myself researching vacation d ... More >>

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    January 24, 2014

    How to Make an Alaska Cocktail

    One thing about being behind the bar for as long as I have is that part of my mind is an overstuffed Rolodex full of drink recipes. Sometimes things get misfiled (there's a slight chance I'll make you a Negroni when you ask for an Americano), but I generally have at least passing familiarity with mo ... More >>

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    January 22, 2014

    Arizona Distilling Co. Releases Locally Made Gin, Opens Distillery to the Public

    Last week Arizona Distilling Co. added a spirit to their repertoire. The historic Tempe-based distillery was the first to legally produce liquor in the state since Prohibition when they released Copper City Bourbon last year. Now they're also offering a Desert Dry Gin made with locally-sourced botan ... More >>

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    December 19, 2013

    Food & Wine Names Bar Crudo and Windsor Among the Best Bars in America

    We're not going to say we told you so, but we did say Bar Crudo was the best place for specialty cocktails in the Valley. And we're not the only ones who think so.

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    December 11, 2013

    Mixology 101 at Jade Bar: Bartending Basics With a Double Shot of History

    So you want to be a mixologist, huh? Well, Jade Bar's bartenders are all pitching in to teach weekend classes for the resort's Mixology 101 series. Each week is separated by spirit with a different instructor showing you what you need to know to get started as a home mixologist. We've already clarif ... More >>

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    November 29, 2013

    How to Make a Monkey Gland Cocktail

    Whew. Thanksgiving madness has finally settled down. I have about a month's worth of leftovers squirreled away in my fridge, and my kitchen looks like a bomb went off in there. I don't know about you, but I could use a restorative tonic. I'm not in the mood for a wildly complex potion, but I could ... More >>

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    October 9, 2013

    5 Best Gin Cocktails in Metro Phoenix

    It's tough to be a gin girl in a Wild West whiskey world. Although whiskey still dominates the conversation in most imbibing circles, gin does have a strong presence in the craft cocktail world, due to its unique botanical flavor. How each mixologist chooses to expand on that herbal base can range f ... More >>

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    October 4, 2013

    All About Chartreuse, and How to Make the Last Word Cocktail

    These days, a sure sign of autumn's arrival (or at least what passes for it in these parts) is the reintroduction of pumpkin spice-flavored everything on store shelves. I have a better idea. Let's break out the Chartreuse. What is Chartreuse, you ask? For starters, it's a yellow-green color. It's ... More >>

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    September 27, 2013

    How to Make the Best Appletini Ever, "An Apple A Day"

    Cocktail trends come and go. I was talking with some friends, and realized that the appletini had quietly become passé a few years ago. I do have a certain nostalgia for them. I blame their popularity in my nascent drinking years. I remember extensive discussions with friends about what places mad ... More >>

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    August 2, 2013

    How to Make a Breakfast Martini

    Thanks to a recent shift change at work, I'm now off on Sundays. This means I can once more be on the receiving end of that wonderful Sunday morning drinking tradition, brunch. Some of my favorite cocktails are tailor-made for brunch. I can get picky with my brunch drinks. The Bloody Mary is the st ... More >>

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    May 24, 2013

    The Gin-Gin Mule: A Ginned-Up Alternative to the Moscow Mule

    I love a good Moscow Mule. But then, who doesn't? It's more interesting than your average vodka drink (i.e., ridiculous flavored vodka and soda or 7-Up), but accessible enough for mainstream mass appeal. See also: - Stop the Reduced-Calorie Vodka Madness! - How to Make a Great Moscow Mule - Mojito ... More >>

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    May 10, 2013

    How to Make a Hanky Panky Cocktail

    Here I go again with drinks with weird names. Hanky Panky? It manages to be hopelessly outdated, yet still carries a lurid aura with it. The origin of the drink's name is a bit more innocent. It goes back to the early 20th century, at the American Bar in London's Savoy Hotel. See Also: - Corpse Rev ... More >>

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    February 16, 2012
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    February 8, 2012

    Gin: How to Drink It, and Like It

    Really, they're better than you think!​In my years of bartending, one of the things I've heard the most is this: "I don't like gin." When I press for details, the story is always the same: They had a bad experience with it years ago (inevitably in college) and haven't been able to touch the ... More >>