Grover Washington Jr.

  • Best of Phoenix

    September 28, 2006
  • Music

    July 11, 2002

    Various artists, Duke Ellington

    Secret Ellington (True Life Entertainment), 1969: All-Star White House Tribute (Blue Note)

  • Music

    February 21, 2002

    Blowing Rufus' Mind

    A roundup of the latest batch of eclectica that fell through the cracks

  • Music

    July 12, 2001

    Forbidden Fruit

    The kiddies should be lining up as we slap a parental advisory on the latest batch of jazz, blues and heritage releases

  • Film

    February 12, 1998

    Harmonica Convergence

    Tune-packed Blues Brothers 2000 is a wail of a sequel