Marc Atkinson

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    March 21, 2002

    A Shot in the Dark

    Phoenix police officer Frank Brown's elaborate tale of a back-road ambush is drawing fire from inside his own department

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    November 15, 2001

    Welcome to Donnawood

    A west Phoenix neighborhood pays the way for activist Donna Neill to gain control. But who gets stuck with the final bill?

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    June 24, 1999


    After years of neglect, a Maryvale neighborhood and the Phoenix police evict the West Side City Crips

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    May 27, 1999


    From the week of May 27, 1999

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    May 6, 1999

    Street Without Hope

    On Madison Street, crowds of crack-addicted homeless are plaguing police and downtown businesses. But no one seems to be doing much about it.

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    April 8, 1999

    Two-Cop Cop-Out?

    When an officer is senselessly murdered, the deliberative process dies, too