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    June 3, 2014

    5 Sweet Pastries You Can Make Savory

    I love sweets, obviously. But when I was in culinary school, I craved salt. I needed to balance all the sweet I was eating. Typically I was getting my sodium fix through French fries or potato chips, but why not change over some favorite sweet pastries to get some savory options? Lately my pastry ... More >>

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    April 3, 2014

    Mark Bittman: Good Intentions, Bad Tortillas

    It's hard to find fault with the unpretentious food writing of Mark Bittman and easy to follow recipes. But when his subject is corn tortillas, fault will be found, and not appreciated. Let's point them out.

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    January 9, 2013

    Chow Bella's 5 Favorite Food and Drink Apps

    If you're like us, you have a smart phone...a smart phone that is being highly under-utilized, subjected to menial tasks when it could really be tackling complex algorithms or at the very least launching virtual birds out of a slingshot. Which is why we at Chow Bella have decided to start using ou ... More >>

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    April 2, 2012

    Chef Dan Moody Defends Pink Slime

    We have probably moved past the point in which reasoned debate will enter the furor over pink slime, but some people are going to try. Chef Dan Moody, who has cooked at Posh and visits the Valley frequently, wrote a post on his blog defending the merits of pink slime in the broader context of feedi ... More >>

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    January 30, 2012

    Breakfast Cookie?! That's a Trend We Can Embrace

    In an effort to make Mom proud, Chow Bella's taking a good, hard look at the most important meal of the day in the form of Scrambled, a mashup of breakfast recipes, news and reviews of local restaurants serving the a.m. crowd. We were eager to jump on the breakfast cookie trend. We've seen the pr ... More >>

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    December 1, 2011

    TEDx Features Craig DeMarco, Jeff Fischer, and Marianne Belardi on Wednesday, December 7

    ​We perked up when we spotted a TEDx event Urban Placemaking: Design of Third Places is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7, featuring some of the local heavies in the Phoenix restaurant scene. Snag details about this independently organized get-together, time and location after the jump.

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    October 11, 2011

    Top 5 Favorite Cookbooks

    ​We wanted to remind you that we've started our Chow Bella Book Club in partnership with Changing Hands Bookstore. This month (October) we're reading the new book by Kathleen Flinn called Kitchen Counter Cooking School. If you still need a copy, you can get a discounted one from Changing Hands, ju ... More >>

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    July 15, 2011

    Follow Friday: Chefs/Cooks On TV

    It's that time again. We've compiled a small but meaningful list of great Twitter accounts for any Phoenix foodie to follow. We've been spending a sad amount of time indoors this summer running away from the heat and searching out new food inspiration on the boob tube. Everybody is tweeting now, e ... More >>

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    September 23, 2010

    Book Review: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Easy Artisan Bread

    Wilks CommunicationsComplete Idiot's Guide to Easy Artisan Bread​  In the 1980's, artisan bread baking in America began to move out of the province of professional bakeries and back into the hands of home bakers. Bread experts wrote tomes about baking ingredients and the bread making process ... More >>

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    August 17, 2009

    Monday Night Martha: Leeks with Eggs and Cheese

    Strictly speaking, this is not a "Monday Night" dish but a "Sunday Morning" one. We made it for breakfast over the weekend but it was so good, we say you could easily talk yourself into having it as part of an easy-breezy weeknight dinner. This dish is adapted from a Mark Bittman recipe. Over at the ... More >>

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    August 3, 2009

    Monday Night Martha: Foil Baked Salmon

    ​Not sure how you feel about Food Network stars but we're big fans of Giada De Laurentiis. We received two cookbooks when we got married, Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything and Giada's Everyday Italian: 125 Simple and Delicious Recipes. The Bittman bible is dog-eared and beet-stained and we dip ... More >>

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    April 23, 2009

    Cooking School Secrets: Cooking for Vegetarians/Vegans

    I've lived with vegetarians. I even was one for a while. And I live with a vegan now. Cooking without meat doesn't faze me. But it elicits quite a negative response from many of my fellow students. I don't get it. So I'm getting on my soapbox. Chefs should be able to deal with all sorts of dietar ... More >>

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    March 30, 2009

    Monday Night Martha: Chicken Curry Salad

    This week's dish is adapted from Mark Bittman's Curried Chicken Salad recipe in his cooking bible, "How to Cook Everything." We have deep respect for Bittman, who writes the Minimalist cooking column in the New York Times, and it feels quasi-sacrilegious to alter Bittman's recipe in any way. But it' ... More >>